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Friday 31 July 2009

First steps, first words

I found myself sitting here for 5 minutes considering what my very first words should be on my very first blog. I thought of some sentences that might be considered funny, profound or (and!) clever, but actually just sounded pretentious. So, I think honesty is probably the best course of action and here I go...

I must admit that I didn't really "get" blogging when I first came across them about six months ago. I mean, why on earth would anyone be interested in reading somebody else's ramblings? And why on earth would anyone be interested in reading my own?! So how come I spend nearly an hour a day reading blogs?! It's mad, I surely have better things to do?!

The answer is simple: I enjoy reading what other people have to say about what they think, how they perceive things, how they make sense of their lives. And most of all I love their generosity in sharing with others. Today I came across Veronica McCollum's tutorial (on her blog at on how to set up a blog. After seeing how easy it was to set one up I decided to go for it. Just like that, honestly. Thank you, Veronica, for helping me to take the plunge!

So what do I want to share? My creativity! Or slowly growing creativity, I should say. I work for a very large company based in London and I love my job, I really do. But I know I work there because it was expected of me - a 9-5 office job, wearing a suit every day, getting myself up the corporate ladder... I never took the time to explore the things that I really loved and enjoyed when I was growing up - writing, singing, dancing, art. Over the years I've tried to get back into them but there always seemed something more important I had to do.

Fast forward to me in my 30s when I became very good friends with a colleague at work. Her hobby was (is!) making her own homemade cards and selling them on a make shift stall in the staff restaurant every year to raise money for Red Nose Day. I was so impressed with her little pieces of art and it got me wondering if this was a possible outlet for my creative side. I've now been making my own cards now for over a year. I don't consider myself a full blown crafter yet - I'm excited by all the possibilities, but often find myself staring at all my crafting goodies and not having a clue where to start!

I know what I am good at though - meeting deadlines and working under pressure. A blog might be quite good for me afterall - give myself something to aim for. So (and I know I'm going to regret this) I hereby commit to creating a new card at least once a week and putting it up on this blog. I'll see how I go and set myself challenges as I go along.

Here I go - wish me luck!


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