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Monday, 30 November 2009

Alert! Extreme cuteness alert!!

Ta da! Here is our new addition to our family - Lulu!

At just over 7 weeks old, we picked her up on Saturday and she is - of course - incredibly cute! Those huge eyes; soft, chubby, cuddly body; and constantly wagging tail - what's NOT to love?!! Our 2 and half year old Labrador, Poppy, wasn't sure of her on the first day, lots of growling and at one time nearly took her head off when Lulu tried to climb into HER bed!! (well, not really, but it was pretty aggressive growl!) A couple of days later they are getting along well as you can see from the fourth photo.
Poppy has always been our baby but now she's a proper grown up dog to me! And I love her even more when I see her interacting with Lulu - really gentle and patient (even when her tail is being chewed on). And we really appreciate now how easy she was when she was as a puppy - she had very few 'accidents' and didn't chew anything but her toys. Lulu on the other hand is one big poopy machine and chews anything in sight!!!
I'm so pleased I took a week's holiday from work - I love bonding with my new baby!! Now off for a snooze, it's hard work playing with a puppy all day...


Silli said...

*Lulu*... such a sweet puppy... Mary...this is cute!!!! Hugs and happy day! Silke

Carly said...

OMG she is the cutest little puppy ever!! That certainly does call for a cuteness alert!

Hayley @ said...

This was the post that earns 100% cuteness!!! I had to come and see and glad I did, those pics are adorable! (I especially like the bottom too!)

Hayley @ said...

ps - your carpet looks the same colour as our lounge carpet. How do you keep it so clean with 2 dogs?! I have a hard enough time with Grace and Simon!

Cassandra said...

Ow how Precious!!! It makes me clucky for a new Labrador puppy lol. *hugz*


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