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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Your views on die cutting machines please!

Hello all!  No card today but wanted to ask your views instead.  One of my friends who is relatively new to cardmaking (no, honest guv, I didn't influence her!!)  and she is now looking at purchasing a die cutting machine.  On her list of choices at the mo are the Quickutz Epic Six, Spellbinders Raspberry Wizard and Provocraft Cuttlebug (2nd version).  She wants to keep the cost to a minimum too.

I have the Wizard and recently bought the Grand Caliber which I am very happy with but no experience with the others.

Any views on your favourites?  Are there any others that she could look at?  Or are they much of a muchness?!!  Thanks in advance!!


Mandy said...

Hi Mary, I have the Cuttlebug & have just bought the Grand Caliber which I've not had the chance to use yet. I love my bug but Sizzi seem to have a better range of dies than the cuttlebug so personally I wish I had bought a big shot instead. Hope this helps :)
hugs Mandy xx

Rusty said...

Hi Mary, I have a cuttlebug, and have worn it out, I did think about a big shot, but have stuck to what I know and ordered myself a V2 cuttlebug, I love that the cuttlebug folds up small, and you can use pretty much any die with the cuttlebug, you can even purchase extra long plates for those extra long dies. Have a look at this blog -

This lady knows pretty much anything and everything and has some fabulous tutorials.

Good luck xxx

Lisa Jane said...

I only have a cuttlebug - and love it - but cant comment on the others as i have no experience of them
I am sure your friend will have lots of fun with whatever she chooses
Lisa ;)

craftymum said...

Hi Mary
i have the Sizzix Big Shot and wouldn't be without it. I have had it about 5 years and use it virtually everyday and all my ladies who come to card class use it too. You can use all other brands of dies with it too. You can cut thicker materials with it like chipboard, leather, suede etc as well as card, paper and material and the dies available are endless.I have run sizzix classes and workshops because there is so much you can do with it. Hope this helps.
If your friend is interested I sell Sizzix products now. I have 2 Big Shots being delivered this week. I will email you with prices if she is interested.
I received my die from you yesterday. I have posted a card I made with it on my blog today. I am pleased with how they have turned out although they aren't as good as yours. More practice I think!
hugs Sarah x

Mrs Weyremaster said...

I have a Sizzix Big Shot, and recently bought a Cuttlebug. I used the Sizzix texture plates with the Big Shot alot, so it wasn't cutting dies properly. So I decided to give the Cuttlebug a go, so far I love it, works very well with my nesties and other thin metal dies, it also accommodates most of my Sizzix dies.

They are both good machines. The Cuttlebug is great if you've limited room, as it takes us so little space, and it's more stable than i would have expected.

If I was buying a die cutting machine for the first time, i think i would go with the cuttlebug. Especially as i tend to use alot of thin metal dies. I'd go for the Big Shot if i was wanting to use alot of the Bigz dies, so it really depends on what your friend is wanting to cut.

Hope that helps

Frea said...

Well, I started with the Sizzix Sidekick a few years ago, then I bought the old Big Sizzix machine the one with the handle and now I have the cuttlebug. I love this last machine, it works well, but I wish I would have held out a little longer because now they have the big nesties which are wonderful for making shaped cards and I can´t use them on my Cuttlebug. SO I would advise her to buy a larger machine than the Cuttlebug because as you go along your needs grow too!! Hope I´m being helpful, hugs, Frea

Sue said...

Hi Mary
I've got a Cuttlebug - the original one, couldn't see much of a difference between that and the new one to justify the extra price - and I love it.
I have used the Big Shot in class and I prefer the Cuttlebug as I thought the Big Shot is too bulky, plus I didn't think it embossed as well as the Cuttlebug.
I've never used one of the Wizard Machines, but seen them demonstrated and they look great but can't really justify the new one as I also have a Cricut which cuts anything oversized that I need!
I'd avoid the machines that only do one job though - the extra money on one that cuts and embosses is probably worth it.
Maybe try to see if your friend can find a shop which has a selection and will let her play for half an hour - whichever she chooses they all basically do the same job and I'm sure she'll love it whichever she chooses :-)
Sue xx

Vixx handmade cards said...

Hiya Mary

I have the Cuttlebug and I just love it! Also bought the Grand Cliber and it's brill too. Must say I use the Cuttlebug all the time, it's light weight, folds up nicely and it diecuts perfectly every time. Very simple to use and you can virtually put any die/embossing folder thro' it.

Hugs Vicky xx

Lorraine said...

Hi Mary,
I used to have the Epic tool, but it broke when a sandwich was a little too thick going through. They said I could return it for a new one, but I didn't want to go through the hassle. I mainly use my Big Shot now since it can handle anything - from small dies (all types) to large ones (like Sizzix bigz dies). It cuts chipboard, etc. Very durable! Love it. The only downside is that it is bulky & odd shaped. Right now I keep it on the seat of a chair next to my crafting chair - because I use it pretty frequently, lol.

Anita said...

Hi Mary. I have the Big Shot and love it. If and when it wears out I will probably go with the CB just because it takes up less space.

Congratulations on your new DT over at Quixotic Inspirations! They are lucky to have you.

pinky said...

I have the big shot at the minute, its excellent and good value for money if you shop around. I would love the Grand Caliber, its on my wishlist:) If your friend is really into crafting she would be safer saving for the Grand as all the dies are going to be much bigger soon:)

claire7q said...

Only have experience with the Cuttlebug, love it to pieces! So light and easy to store but sturdy enought to do the job. I use it mainly with Nesties and some of the Marianne Creatables dies which all work beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have an original Cuttlebug and could not craft without it! It works perfectly with virtually any die and it takes up hardly any space. I have not tried any others but I have never needed to as the Cuttlebug does everything I need it too!
Helen x

Helen Ann said...

I got my first die-cutting machine for Christmas - I was recommended a cuttlebug - I love it so easy to use and takes up hardly any space made up with it - can't believe I've lasted 10 crafting years without it lol
Hel x

Nina Macaulay said...

Hi Mary,

Hope you are well and enjoying the new year so far :O)

I have a cuttlebug, and like the lady over can't belive I have been a 'crafter' for so long without it, its great!
Every now and then I wish it could cut through thicker material, like covers for note books etc. But it all depends what she will be making I think :O)
Hope this helps you a bit :OD

Hugs Nina xx

Carly said...

Hi Mary! I had the Cuttlebug for years and thought it was great, but now too have the Grand Caliber and LOVE IT hands-down! I love the size of it and that you can cut a bunch of Spellbinders at once. I also own the Silhouette which I love too.


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