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Friday, 23 April 2010

10 random things about me!

No card today - work, yet again, has been taking up my time this week! Just doing this quick post as my lovely blogging pal, Carly, has handed on to me a Beautiful Blogger Award! I feel very privileged as Carly is one talented lady - go see her blog now!

With this award I am meant to list 10 random things about me, so here goes...
  1. We love to go walking in the countryside. Living in East Sussex, England, provides us with lots of places to do this and we used go for 5-6 hour walks every week. Unfortunately, I've been so busy at work that we haven't done so much recently
  2. My ultimate dream is to move abroad to a sunny climate when I retire and have a home right on the coastline with views of the ocean, with a large wooden balcony, sipping champagne while watching the sunset...bliss
  3. My favourite band right now is The Black Eyed Peas
  4. I start every morning with a glass of fruit juice - sets me right up for the day!
  5. The best thing about my job is that I get to talk to a lot of people! As you can tell, I am very sociable!
  6. I drive my husband mad because I can never make a decision when I'm at home! My job is very demanding and I make decisions all the time - by the time I get home I'm all decisioned-out!
  7. I love my two Yellow Labradors more than chocolate - really!
  8. I rarely watch the TV and when I do it's normally the news
  9. We bought our first house with a large garden because I thought I'd enjoy gardening. It turned out that I hate it!!! Ho hum...perhaps we'll cement it all over...
  10. I have never owned a nice car before but tomorrow I am going to go and buy a black convertible Mercedes CLK! Here it is...

Wow, that was more difficult than I thought it would be! I am now handing over my awards to the following great gals (in no particular order)...

  1. Stephanie
  2. Lisa Jane
  3. Emma
  4. Nikki
  5. Mari
  6. Silke
  7. Diana
  8. Melody
  9. Cindy
  10. Danni

I hope to have a card to share with you tomorrow!


Lisa Jane said...

Hi Mary - congratulations on the award - well deserved!
Lovely to hear the ten things. I love the Black eyed peas too.
Bet you can't wait to pick up that gorgeous new car. Hope the sun shines and you can drive away with the top down. have you got a suitable glamorous Audrey Hepburnesque scarf? Hope there will be some pics.
Thank you for passing on the award to me... have to think up ten interesting things now lol!
I will post them on my blog post tomorrow.
Thank you very much for your kind Birthday wishes too.
Glad to see you back, enjoy the rest of your evening
Lisa ;)

Pöydän kulmalla näpertelijä said...

I was a bit confused with your yellow labrador comment, because you don't have a chocolate one. Then I realised you didn't mean chocolate coloured labradors at all. Lol. Well I wouldn't trade my chocolate & white coloured spaniel for real chocolate either. However, ice-cream is a different story...
Thanks for the award!

Carly said...

Get out of here! You are buying that amazing looking car! WOW! I loved reading your 10 random facts; so fun!

Cindy Haffner said...

Hey Mary enjoy your new car!! Thanks for thinking of me, you are so SWEET!!

Unknown said...

Hi Mary! Congrats on your award and thanks so much for passing it on to me!! I liked reading more about you and omg that car is to die for!! You are really buying it today?? ENJOY!! Hugs, my friend!!

Silli said...

Oh Mary, you are sooo cute... Thanks so much for passing it on to me...;) HUGS Silke

Melissa Sauls said...

Oh man, congratulations on that very SWEET ride!!!!

Nikki Fairbairn said...

Hi Mary, Congratulations on receiving your award and thanks hun for passing to me :-) I LOVE the Black Eyed Peas and so does my 10 year old, don't watch much tv here either and your retiring dream... snap! We went for a lovely walk yesterday at Waltham Abbey through the dragonfly sanctuary... Both my husband and I love walking but boy did my kids moan! lol Hope your having a great Sunday! Big Hugs, Nikki x


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