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Saturday, 1 August 2009

First efforts!

My second day and my second posting. Today I thought I'd share one of my very first creations. I debated doing this because, quite frankly, I'm very embarassed of it! But I promised to be honest with myself and how can I improve if I can't face my mistakes and learn from them?
So here it is...

OMG - I'm so embarrassed! It was (obviously) a father's day card. My poor dad - after receiving all those carefully chosen bought cards over the years and he got this effort from me! LOL! To his credit, he didn't grimace or even laugh - love you dad! But let's face it, my 9 year old nephew could have done a lot better...
Okay, apart from the obvious - looks unprofessional and cheap - the reason why I really hate this card is because I felt like a cheat making it. I didn't own a lot of stash then and all of the pieces (including the card) were magazine freebies. I didn't actually feel like I made it myself at all - just added some glue! But I must have liked something about it at the time or I wouldn't have given it to my dad!

So what DO I like about it?! I think the colour combination is okay (even though I couldn't really go wrong because the freebies were already colour coordinated!) and I quite like the composition and balance of the elements. How could it be better? Well, any thoughts from out there would be most welcome! I think perhaps it's a bit too plain so some additional texture might have been good and it needed to 'pop' more so some added depth would have helped. I don't think I even owned any sticky foam pads then!

Well, I feel like I've laid bare one of my biggest failures today! It feels pretty good...let the therapy continue!

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