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Monday, 3 August 2009

What a cheat!

I'm sharing one of my cards that I really love - the colours, the fluid shape and boy does it look professional!

For all those serious crafters out there, you'll recognise that this is from the Sultry BasicGrey card kit. I wanted to create something very special for my mother-in-law and it seemed to really impress her - result! Unfortunately I just felt like a cheat because all I did was follow the instructions!

However, I'm still pleased I bought the kit. At the time I was still struggling to create anything professional (in my eyes anyway!) and the kit really helped my confidence after I managed to produce eight beautiful cards! On reflection, I realised that had been giving myself a really hard time - I was so desperate to produce something really professional that I ended up giving myself 'creative block'! The kit made me really think about colour and composition. I now feel a lot braver and just throw things together to see what comes up - often with lovely results.
And, yes, I know I only have 3 days left to make my first card for my blog! Better get going...

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