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Friday, 21 August 2009

I think I'm in love...

I actually went ahead and practiced using my mini sewing machine and guess what? I loved it so much I went ahead and made a card! What do you think?

I don't normally do vintage - or perhaps it's shabby chic?! - I can never get it right, but I think I did ok with this. I can't believe how easy it was to do the stitching - I scared myself silly even thinking about trying it! If you look carefully, the stitches aren't very straight in some places - those were the times I stopped concentrating on keeping the needle centred. Well I intend in using this technique a lot from now on so I'll get lots of practice!

Big thanks to Carly who left me a lovely comment on my previous entry - it was this that encouraged me to have a go today (and not leave it for another year!). You should go and have look at her creations - they are beautiful. I love the way she uses stitching and manages to keep a clean, fresh feel. Look at one of her fabulous examples here.

Mine aren't a patch on hers, but at least I can get inspiration from her when my creative juices dry up!

Papers/cardstock: K&Co Hopscotch mat pad, Bazzill cardstock
Stamps: Hampton Art Our Baby clear stamp set
Mediums: edged with brown ink

Accents: Karen Marie Klip die cut letters, velvet ribbon
Tools: sewing machine, Woodware Fingerguard trimmer with scallop blade

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Carly said...

OMG your stitching is PERFECT!! Your edges are so straight and it looks like you've been stitching on cards forever! I am so glad you tried it. Your card is fabulous!! And thank you for such kind words. Hugs, Carly


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